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Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

"Good Day Brandy,

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the service you and your team (Haleigh) provided to me when I was looking to apply for a VP role within my company. 

The decision to apply was not an easy one for me, and it was made at a time where I needed immediate help on a weekend, and you and your team were there for me. 

You provided a wonderful executive summary that allowed me to submit with confidence a career that I have spent my life working towards this opportunity. 

The document was clean, crisp and concise, the support you gave me with a moment's notice and the follow-up work that we did was instrumental in my ability to translate my career into a single document.


Everything about the support that you have given me and several people that I have referred to you has been nothing less than incredible. 

You and your team go above and beyond to make sure that not only the document is correct but that any support and advice and recommendations are available at any time throughout the entire process. 

I'm happy to report that I am now the Vice President of Operations for my company and I am very grateful for your role in making this happen. 

I will forever be forwarding referrals to you of people who are looking to maximize their opportunities and their career, and I know that you will deliver your very best as always. 

With my HIGHEST regards,

Chris Jackson"


Thomas Kopec, Chief Executive Officer of MySafetyNet

Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

"I met Brandy with Johnson’s Administrative Services (JAS) in roughly October 2018. I hired Brandy to handle a document that I needed to be written. 

For the first time in nearly ten years, I had a person who actually took the time to know both myself and what exactly I needed. The document was a sponsorship letter, and it came out terrific.

JAS is a company that operates the old fashioned way, the team works by contract. However, believes in the highest level of customer satisfaction vs. making a buck. There is nothing automated about their services. 

JAS Handles their clients on a case by case and need by need basis, they have not only become my go-to company, but they’ve also become the head of all of our company’s (My Safety Net, LLC.) social media marketing. 

Haleigh Hallcox of JAS is our go-to woman. Haleigh is a remarkable degree creative writer. She handles our blogs, marketing venues, marketing materials, and content creation, and as well script writing for our commercial videos. 

If you’re thinking about using JAS, the only question you should have is “When do we start?”. 

In my 30+ years of business, I’ve run into a few rare companies that deserve a stellar recommendation. Johnson’s Administrative Services is one of them. 

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact me.

Thomas Kopec

My Safety Net LLC



Erich Pyles, MS, ASP, CHST, Senior Safety Manager

Christopher Jackson, Vice President of Site Operations

Erich Pyles, MS, ASP, CHST, Senior Safety Manager

"We all know that companies change periodically how resumes are screened before being looked at by an actual individual. 

After reviewing a number of professional resume writing companies and compared prices; Brandy and her team at Johnson’s Administrative Service (JAS) came out ahead and did a fantastic job. 

I was provided with a rewrite (complete revamp) of my resume, LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter. 

After applying for a vast number of positions over two months without receiving any acknowledgments; my updated resume provided by Brandy and the JAS team got the attention of a number of companies to include companies that I previously applied to. 

I had three offers on the table within two weeks and finally narrowed it down and accepted a position. 

The JAS team did an outstanding job and the turnaround time was as promised. Brandy and the JAS team is very approachable, professional, and I would HIGHLY recommend their services for anyone wanting to improve their job search. 

Thank you!"

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